Glance at Some of the Most Imposing Museums of China’s Capital
It makes total sense for every historical place to present and promote its culture and history. In Beijing’s case, this happens in an awesome and romantic mode. Regardless of the period or the subject of museums exhibits, visitors are able to comfort in a museum’s coziness. A huge range of exhibitions are featured in the city, gaining significant tourist traffic and attendance.

The variety and diversity among Beijing’s museums is enormous, but since you have to begin such a tour, the National Museum of China ought to be your first layover. The museum flanks the eastern side of Tiananmen Square and its mission is to educate about the arts and history of China. Offering a permanent collection of 1,050,000 items, their walls roof many precious and rare artifacts dated 1.7 million years ago that are not in display anywhere else in the world. Contrary, for those who are ether devotees, the Chinese Aviation Museum could be the quintessence of aeronautical contemplation. The cave, which hosts the museum, demonstrates more than 200 aircrafts, unique machines, pilot uniforms, missiles as well as other ammunition relevant to aviation.

Similar to the aviation museum there is the China Railway Museum, located in Chaoyang District. Voyaging visitors through eras, Railway museum preserves locomotives and tracks since 1949 reaching the present and gazing at the future. Moreover, there are also some noteworthy alternative museum options and the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall is one of them, featuring a scale model of the entire Beijing metropolitan area, as well as multimedia exhibits on the history, current situation, and future of urban planning in Beijing.

Taking a glance at the past of Chinese empire, it is certain that you may find the motive to approach Beijing history in some way. Get impressed by Chinese myths and feel the impulse of Beijing technological perspectives simultaneously on an unexpected travelogue!
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